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 "If I wasn't already impressed by Texas Radio and the Big Beat via their first CD, experiencing their music live sure as hell cemented it. The line up included memorable tracks, 'Satisfaction', 'Wonder Why' and 'Wasteaway'. The switch of vocals between guitarist Phil McIntyre and bassist Joe Williams was intriguing and the instrumentals by McIntrye, mesmerising. New tracks like 'Juicy Flirt' left us believing the new CD, due for release next month, may well surpass the stature of their first. The trio, including drummer Dave Carruthers, have a unique musicianship matching the likes of Midnight Oil. A great cover of The Stones' 'Can't Always Get What You Want' ended the set."
Kim Honan OZ MUSIC PROJECT - pdf version

"It was a relief to hear sublime pop instrumentation from solid players. The album opens with Wasteaway, a haunting song that smacks of urban reggae. Hope and Glory oozes with gorgeous keyboards while my favourite, Temptation, was built on moving lyrics and a diverse base of splendid guitar work. An impressive debut album."
Chad Watson THE NEWCASTLE HERALD - pdf version

"Surprise newcomers Texas Radio And The Big Beat wowed us with their tune Wasteaway."

 "Great new local talent. Coming across relatively unknown gems was the highlight for me. Their pop melodies were refreshing in this age of heavy guitar rock."
Wayne Hindson, CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

 "We've made it 'Album of the Week.'"
Rob Meaton, Breakfast Announcer 2BOB FM

 "Texas Radio bring relatively simple arrangements to life with terrific energy. Highlights are many. It has lots of fun, a lot of feeling and I could only be more impressed if there was actually someone who didn't like something about this record. Seek this album out."
Greg Cormack, CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

 "I've got it on right now. Bloody Excellent!"

Live Review
Mickey Rumble , UTURN, Live Review - pdf version

Album pre-release coverage
CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

New songs for new album
CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

Album release story - Interview with Phil McIntyre.
CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

Texas Radio Undertake their Winter Campaign
CONCRETE PRESS - pdf version

Newcastle Band with Local Ties
GOOD GUIDE - pdf version

Tuned up Texans - The Hothouse Gig

Paris Island goes #1
ILR ON AIR - pdf version

Big Beat don't look back
TE - THE POST - pdf version

Texas Radio ready for airplay
TE - THE POST - pdf version



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